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Sandra Torres

Biography to Display: 
1971Born Mexico City, Mexico


1993BA Architecture, ITESM, Monterrey, N.L., Mexico

1999MBA ITAM, Mexico City, Mexico

1999-2001Alberto Diaz de Cossio Ceramic Workshop, Mexico City, Mexico

2001-2002Santa Barbara City College, Santa Barbara, California

2001-2001UCSB Kilns Workshop, Santa Barbara, California

2002Jingdezhen Sanbao Ceramic Art Institute, Summer School, Jingdezhen, China

2002Manos de Oaxaca, Oaxacan Clay Workshop, Oaxaca, Mexico


2003Apprenticeship, Studio Pieter Stockman, Genk, Germany

2004Artist in Residence, International Ceramic Studio, Kecskemet, Hungary


Sandra Torres uses porcelain to cast a line of functional wares including vases, mugs, bowls, platters, and boxes.  The exteriors are rarely fully glazed however washes of color are used to define planes of the surface.

Torres creates her own drawn transfer decals which are used decorate her wares. The pieces are minimal allowing her to use either a single or two-piece mold. Her drawings are inspired by Scandinavian design, the structure of architecture and the softer natural world To add colorful accents to the white ground she adds slip trail drops of color.


Bibliography to Display: 

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Typical Marks
WIne Cups
Materials: Porcelain
Method: Cast
Surface Technique: Glaze, Transfer or Decal Decorated
Photo: Artist
Photo: Artist
Photo: Artist

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