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Fred Yokel

Biography to Display: 

1954 Born Palo Alto, California


1977 BA Ceramics, San Jose State University, San Jose, California

1982 MFA Design, California Institute of the Arts, Santa Clarita, California


Fred Yokel began his career making functional pieces and moved on to creating coil constructed stoneware sculptures. Yokel adds details by carving and scraping the surface. He finished his sculptures with glaze and underglaze decorative techniques.

Yokel's sculptures seem to freeze a figure in motion often in positions that are humorous which led him to call one series “Jestures”.

Fred Yokel studied with James Lovera, Robert Fritz, and Herbert Sanders at San Jose State. 

In 1982 he earned an MFA in design from the California Institute of the Arts. This led to a graphic design business which became the focus of his work. His ceramic practice became a night job.



Bibliography to Display: 

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Typical Marks
What Was That?
Date: 2008
Form: Sculpture
Materials: Earthenware
Method: Raku fired, Coiled
The Forrest L. Merrill Collection
Photo: Artist
The Forrest L. Merrill Collection
The Dance Begins
Date: 2014
Form: Sculpture
Materials: Stoneware
Method: Raku fired, Coiled, Carved, Hand-Built
Surface Technique: Glaze, Underglaze
Photo: Artist
Photo: Artist

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