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Steven Skinner

Biography to Display: 


1981 BFA School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

2006-2008 Ceramic study Lillstreet Art Center, Chicago, Illinois


2010-2012 Artist in Residence, Lillstreet Art Center, Chicago, Illinois


1999-2003 Co-Lead Artist School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

1997-2007 Associate Professor, Fine Arts, Columbia College Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

2008Black Tree Pottery Studio, New Carlisle, Indiana

2011— Down Draft Kiln


Steven Skinner creates a full line of functional work using stoneware to which he adds graphically contrasting porcelain inlays. 

Skinner’s education and career from 1981 until 2006 was as a printmaker, painter, and water colorist. He was introduced to ceramics in 2006 when he took an introductory class at Lillstreet Art Center where he studied until 2008.

Skinner His pieces are either thrown or hand built. Each piece has glazed interior, the exteriors are left unglazed. Skinner built two kilns one in 2011, a down draft kiln and the other in 2015, a car kiln built with master kiln builders Matthew Gaddie and Roger Crady. The car kiln allowed for large scale work to be fired.  His work is inspired by the work of ancient peoples, the American Regionalists art, and the mid-twentieth movements of Dada and Pop Art.

Skinner’s work was predominantly sold regionally from The Potter’s Wife gallery,  New Carlisle, Indiana and at art fairs in St. Paul, Minnesota, Chicago, Illinois, Des Moines and Marion, Iowa, Indianapolis, Indiana, Lexington, Kentucky, Washington, DC and Denver, Colorado.




Typical Marks
Date: 2016
Materials: Stoneware, Porcelain
Method: Thrown, Hand Built
Surface Technique: Glaze
Photo: Artist
Photo: Artist
Photo: Artist

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