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Stephanie Fleischer Osser, Stephanie Osser

Biography to Display: 


1967-1969 Pratt Institute, two year Foundation Art and Graphic Design, New York, New York

1969 Royal Academy of Art, graphics, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

1969-1971 BFA Bennington College, Bennington, Vermont

1973 University of Montana, Missoula, Montana

2000-2018 Harvard Ceramic Program, Boston, Massachusetts


1971—Studio Potter and Graphic Designer

2006-2012 Babson College Ceramic Studio, Manager/Ceramic Instructor


2006 Watershed Center for Ceramic Arts, Newcastle, Maine, Kiln God Award

2013— Harvard Ceramics Program, Boston, Massachusetts

2011-2012 Guldagergard-International Ceramic Research Center, Denmark

2014 Medalta Ceramic Arts Center, Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada


 Stephanie Osser is well known for her bas-relief tiles that are first carved, then used to create a mold in plaster. The finished tile is made by pressing slabs of clay into the mold.  Domestic objects also interest her. These she casts with porcelain slip and then uses decals made from her drawings to decorate the surface. Ceramic sculptures have also interested her.­­ 

Osser’s work focuses on lightness and good news. She is comfortable working in a number of areas including as a set designer and award winning book illustrator.

At the University of Montana she studied with ceramic artist Rudy Autio.

Public Collections

Public Collections to Display: 

Cambridge Health Alliance, Cambridge Hospital, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Dinnerware Museum, Ann Arbor, Michigan


Bibliography to Display: 

Lark Books. 500 Pitchers: Contemporary Expression of a Classic Form. Lark Crafts, Asheville, North Carolina: 2006.

Lark Books. 500 Animals in Clay: Contemporary Expressions of the Animal Form.  Lark Crafts, Asheville, North Carolina: 2006.

Lark Books. 500 Tiles: An Inspiring Collection of International Work. Lark Crafts, Asheville, North Carolina: 2008.

Lark Books. 500 Prints on Clay: An Inspiring Collection of Image Transfer Work. Lark Crafts, Asheville, North Carolina: 2013.


CV or Resume: Click Here to Download
Source: Artist


Artist's Studio: Stephanie Osser - Illustration in Clay + Music


Typical Marks

"Stephanie Osser" or "S. Osser" incised, under glaze or decal. Occasionally with copyright symbol and/or date.

Flute Playing Pitcher
Date: 2006

Flute Player sitting outside after at break time, dreamily playing his flute, and attracting birds. Full color, low fire slip cast from my original design.

Photo: Monica Ripley
Photo: Artist
Makoto Yabe Tile
Date: 2007
Materials: Porcelain
Method: Hand-Built, Molded
Surface Technique: Glaze, Underglaze

Image of Makoto Yabe, dear teacher and artist at Harvard Ceramics Program who passed away in 2007. The studio made lanterns to honor him. I made first a tile, inspired by his Japanese heritage and the Ukiyo-e woodcuts. His name Makoto, means Archer and he is pictured on the tile with an Archer, and surrounded by his adoring students at the Potters wheel. The sun is setting on his life. Later I made a Lithophane lantern from the tile image and gave it to his wife and children.

Photo: Stephanie Osser
Photo: Stephanie Osser
Photo: Stephanie Osser
Bon Voyage - stage design inspired by "Candide" by Bernstein
Date: 2011
Materials: Porcelain
Method: Slab-Built
Surface Technique: Underglaze

Screen printed my illustrations on porcelain and mounted on a wood stage I designed to let in light and allow me to prop images on the top as well.

Photo: Monica Ripley
Photo: Monica Ripley
Photo: Monica Ripley
Photo: Stephanie Osser
2011 to present
Pitcher Pals and Sheepish Sheep
Date: 2014
Materials: Porcelain
Method: Cast
Surface Technique: Glaze, Stencil, Transfer or Decal Decorated, Underglaze

2 or 4 graduated nesting pitchers that are my original designs, cast in plaster and slip cast. They are in the test making and marketing stage as they are so newly created. With illustrations for various occasions by me that can tell a story when nested.

Photo: Rob Chamberlin
Photo: Rob Chamberlin
Photo: Artist

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