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Joy Navasie, 2nd Frog Woman

Biography to Display: 

1919 Born

2012 Died



Joy Navasie began making pots in the Hopi-Tewa tradition when she was 17 and continued to work until her retirement in 1995. After her mother’s death Joy Navasie continued to develop and work with the white pottery style her mother had pioneered shortly before her death.

 Navasie, a Hopi-Tewa potter, learned to make pots from her mother, Paqua Naha, the First Frog Woman. 

They both marked their pots with a drawing of a frog with one difference, Joy Navasie’s frogs have webbed feet while her mothers have straight toes.




Public Collections to Display: 

Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, California



Bibliography to Display: 

Dillingham, Rick. Fourteen Families in Pueblo Pottery. Albuquerque, NM: University of New Mexico Press, 1004.






Typical Marks

A frog with webbed feet.

Materials: Earthenware
Method: Coiled, Pinched
Surface Technique: Slip
Crocker Art Museum, Gift of Janet Mohle-Boetani
Crocker Art Museum, Gift of Janet Mohle-Boetani

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