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Loren Maron

Biography to Display: 


MFA Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York


Studio potter




Loren Maron is known for porcelain hand built functional pieces with a focus on small and mid-size tray forms, each with a unique pattern textured surface. The various depths created in these patterned textures highlight the surfaces with the gather of glaze in the low points.

Loren Maron studied with David MacDonald at Syracuse University.


Bibliography to Display: 

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Artist's Studio: Loren Maron Ceramics


Typical Marks

"Typically I use a rounded stylus to inscribe my signature into the bottom of my work at the leather hard stage. It is usually in the center of the piece. If a piece is very small I might use only my first initial with my last name."

Circles in the Square Tray
Date: 2015
Materials: Porcelain
Method: Hand-Built, Slab-Built
Dimensions: 15 x 15"
Surface Technique: Celadon, Impressed, Stamped
Photo: Loren Maron
Photo: Loren Maron
Photo: Loren Maron

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