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Todd Leech

Biography to Display: 

1973 Born Cleveland, Ohio


MFA Ceramics, Edinboro University, Edinboro, Pennsylvania


Potter, sculptor


 Todd Leech is known for stoneware functional and sculptural works. Leech’s signature surface treatments are foamy, textural, and cratered glazes. Leech forms work using a variety of methods including wheel-thrown, hand-built, and extruded. He fires in both oxidation (electric kiln) and reduction (gas kiln).

Leech has explored the functional platter form creating two distinct bodies of non-functional works: one with text stamped into the surface using metal type, and the other with numerous small geometric forms applied to the surface.


Bibliography to Display: 

Lancaster, Michael. “Couples in Clay: Hers, His, and Theirs.” Ceramics Monthly 59, no. 7 (November 2011).

Thorton, John (filmmaker). “Todd Leech: Drowning and Reincarnation.” Filmed [April 2010]. YouTube video, 5;08. Posted April 2010.

Tourtillott, Suzanne J. E. (editor). 500 Cups: Ceramic Exploration of Utility and Grace. Asheville NC: Lark Books, 2004.



Artist's Studio: Hectic Studio


Typical Marks

Leech's mark is his name and age when he made the piece stamped with letter press type.

Date: 2018
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Photo: Artist
Photo: Artist

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