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Glenda Jordan

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Degree, Speech Therapy, Texas Women's University, Denton, Texas


 Glenda Jordan produces functional porcelain and stoneware forms that are either thrown or slab built. Jordan developed a special glaze method using a process similar to batik which permits matte and glossy glaze colors to appear side by side.

Jordan says, "My work is a continual dance of marrying these three elements: form, decoration and color. My botanically inspired pottery combines my love: clay, great food, gardening and nature.”

Glenda Jordan was first introduced to working with clay while studying for an undergraduate degree in speech therapy at Texas Women's University.



Typical Marks
Spoon Dish
Materials: White Stoneware
Method: Slab Built
Surface Technique: Glaze

Citation: "The Marks Project." Last modified October 2, 2019.