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Lynne Fisher

Biography to Display: 

1942 Born Syracuse, New York


Lynne Fisher makes hand-built and wheel thrown functional stoneware pottery. Surface treatment can be inlaid texture with glaze applied in recessed areas. Fisher’s patchwork pieces are inspired by planted spring fields in upstate New York.

Fisher also uses a raku or low temperature firing in which an object is fired to red-hot in the kiln, then removed from the kiln and quickly placed into a container with a combustible like straw or horsehair which is quickly covered.  The burning of the combustible creates an oxygen starved atmosphere (a reduction atmosphere).

She is a member of the Ceramics Guild of the Lexington Arts and Crafts Society, Lexington, MA (2016).



Typical Marks

Typical mark is “Lyn,” or “Lynne” on bottom of pot, painted on with an iron stain, and/or scratched into clay.

Patchwork Bowl 3
Date: 1992
Materials: Stoneware
Method: Slab-Built, Hand-Built
Surface Technique: Glaze
The State of Clay, Lexington, MA, 2016
Photo: TMP
The State of Clay, Lexington, MA, 2016
Photo: TMP
Photo: TMP

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