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Ellen G. Darrow Aho

Biography to Display: 

1933Born Nyack, New York


Ellen Darrow collaborates with Richard Foye on pottery pieces generally thrown by Foye and decorated by Darrow. The linear design is incised by Darrow who then carves out the negative spaces. The pot is bisque fired, glazed and then Raku fired by Foye.

Darrow’s pots show her awareness of the form as she works to make the narrative move around and fit the pot, her emphasis on the fit often causes her to sacrifice the accuracy of the drawing.


Artist's Studio: AHO Studio


Typical Marks
Birds and Bees Vase
Date: 2013
Materials: Earthenware
Method: Thrown (Red clay with green slip.)
Surface Technique: Incised, Slip
Photo: Artist
Photo: Artist

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