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Tim Carlburg

Biography to Display: 

1977 Born Illinois


BS K-12 Art Education, University of Wisconsin Madison, Wisconsin


2015— Owner/ CEO, SwitchLift, Kalispell, Montana

2008— Owner/ CEO, Carlburg Pottery, Kalispell, Montana

2007–2008 Glaze Technician, Whitefish Pottery, Whitefish, Montana

2004–2005 Defense Contractor, United States Army

2000-2004 Officer, Armor Branch, United States Army


Tim Carlburg is best known for creating handmade beer growlers, flasks, and moonshine jugs. He also creates functional pottery and sculptural forms. Carlburg’s signature beer growlers have been sought after by micro-breweries, bars, home-brewers and collectors worldwide. The Artist’s work is typically fired in an electric kiln, and on occasion – wood fired collaboratively with a small group of potters in Northwestern Montana. Simple glazes, hand painting, image transfers and sculpted vessels vary depending on the forms and commission. Carlburg is aesthetically drawn to early American pottery.

In addition to his creations in clay, Carlburg invented the SwitchLift: the world’s first pottery-specific ergonomic lift system – designed to elevate or lower potter's wheels of different makes and models on demand with a 72 inch range. Carlburg was motivated to create the SwitchLift due to lower back issues both he, and many potter's face over decades of practice.

Carlburg was profiled on 2/25/2016 by Paul Blais for episode #191 of The Potter's Cast. Carlburg discusses his personal work and the SwitchLift.


Public Collections to Display: 

Ravalli County Museum, Hamilton, Montana


Bibliography to Display: 

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