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Elizabeth A. Burkhouse

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1954 Born Linz, Austria


2005— Studio Artist


Elizabeth Burkhouse uses ceramic paper clay (white sculpture clay mixed with paper pulp) to make colorful sculptures that represent popular sayings or expressions. She uses coil and slap techniques to build the forms and multiple firings and glaze techniques. Burkhouse's experience with graphic art and cartoon illustration is a major source of influence in her work.


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Artist's Studio: Creative Spark!


Typical Marks

Incised signature with copyright symbol usually below the title of the work. Placed on the back side of the piece. Work done prior to 2011 usually had the year included, later work has no year. Earliest work does not usually include the title of the piece (2004-2006).

Sitting Pretty
Date: 2014
Form: Sculpture
Materials: Local Clay
Method: Hand-Built
Surface Technique: Underglaze
Photo: Artist
Photo: Artist

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