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Steve Aitchison

Biography to Display: 


1985-2005 Designer, Five Bridges Pottery, Tucson, Arizona 

1990-onward Potter



Steve Aitchison is known for both wheel thrown and slip cast porcelain pottery. In the case of slip cast work, molds are made from forms produced on the wheel. A unique formula is used to produce a porcelain-based clay body which can be fired in both wood kilns and open chambered kilns using carbon-based fuels. The clay body is not typical pure whiteporcelain but tinted toward light brown.  Aitchison’s “Cloud Vessels” are wheel thrown and fired multiple times with carbon-based fuels in open kiln chambers.  This firing technique creates organic, cloud-like surfaces patterning. Pieces can be fired several times, sometimes combining wood firing and container firing.  Aitchison is also known for his “Spiral Galaxy Series” of wall platter installations. The platters are made of a high-fired conventional white porcelain clay body 

Aitchison was strongly influenced by his middle school art teacher, Bob Anderson. Aitchison lives and works in Kelowna, Iowa.

"A Converstion with Steve Aitchison" can be accessed here: 

Public Collections

Public Collections to Display: 

Brunnier Art Museum, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa



Artist's Studio: Creative Artist Studio of Ames (CASA)


Typical Marks

Stamp, square with an “A”

Form: Platter
Materials: Porcelain
Method: Thrown
Dimensions: 21 X 21 in.
Surface Technique: Glaze
Brunnier Art Museum, gift of Rae Reilly, UM2019.25
Brunnier Art Museum, gift of Rae Reilly, UM2019.25

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