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Michael Adcock , with Christine Adcock

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Potter, Adcock Studios, Santa Barbara, California


 Michael Adcock and his wife Christine Adcock are known for ceramic vessels which incorporate natural plant material and other mixed media. Each piece is formed and finished by the pair working as a team.


Michael creates the pottery and collects the natural plant materials. After saggar or pit firing, Christine uses these plant materials to develop surface design elements using collage or inlay techniques.



Artist's Studio: Adcock Studios


Typical Marks

"Adcock" inscribed in cursive in wet clay.

Form: Bowl
Materials: Stoneware
Method: Thrown (Ceramic with additional natural materials added post firing.)
Surface Technique: Glaze, Raku
Photo: Christine McGillicutty
Photo: Christine McGillicutty
Photo: Christine McGillicutty

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