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Terri Mayhew, Phil Mayhew, Beersheba Porcelain

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1986—Co-owner, Beersheba Porcelain, Beersheba Springs, Tennessee


Terri Mayhew is known for decorative ceramics, particularly ceramic jewelry. Each piece is created using porcelain beads. Color is often added through applying oxides and stains directly to the green ware beads.

Terri and her husband, Phil Mayhew, co-own and operate Beersheba Porcelain, in Beersheba Springs, Tennessee.


Artist's Studio: Beersheba Porcelain




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Typical Marks
Form: Vessel
Materials: Porcelain
Method: Thrown and Altered
Surface Technique: Glaze
Group of Beads
Materials: Porcelain
Method: Hand Built
Surface Technique: Oxide
Materials: Porcelain
Method: Thrown
Surface Technique: Glaze
Necklace with a Cross
Form: Jewelry
Materials: Porcelain
Method: Hand Built
Surface Technique: Glaze

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