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Robert Kasero Sr.

Biography to Display: 


Traditional pottery making with Paula Estevan


Pueblo potter


Robert Kasero is known for thin walled weed pots that are coil built using local Laguna clay. The small-scale pieces are intricately decorated in Acoma style with lines and geometric designs that swirl around the pieces. Most of Kasero's works are black and white, however he also uses terra cotta colored slip on some of his pots.

Kasero originally carved Kachinas in the Hopi tradition. When interest in Kachinas diminished, he began making pots. He is from Laguna Pueblo but he learned traditional Laguna pottery techniques from Acoma potter, Paula Estevan. 


Public Collections to Display: 

Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, California



Typical Marks
Seed Jar
Date: 2013
Materials: Local Clay
Method: Coiled
Surface Technique: Burnished, Slip
Crocker Art Museum, promised gift of Kyle Lipson, M.D.
Crocker Art Museum, promised gift of Kyle Lipson, M.D.

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